The northwich edition has a 6,000 circulation on average and covers the whole of Kingsmead, which has had a fantastic response for advertisers over the years. The magazine has many features about local people and whats going on in our local community. We like to engaged our readers with true stories of people or places they may know and because of this they have greater interest and this gives a very genuine feel to the reader as they start to look forward to it when it is delivered each month free of charge.

We are always on the look out for a good story from Northwich or surrounding areas and if you have any interesting stories about your local community, then lets us know, we can't guarantee every story will be published, but we will try our best.

You can always look at our past edition which can be read online as a e-magazine, so if you want to read other stories or you would just like to find a local business service then click on the months past editions below and enjoy.

If you would like to submit a story or keep us informed about something that is going on near you, then please email us on we read every email and try an respond to many as we can.


Northwich Edition September Issue 46